Stainless steel beverage tub

Stainless steel beverage tub hire

Our double-walled stainless steel beverage tub is an elegant way to keep your beverages cold for your wedding, engagement, birthday party or any other formal event.


  • Double-walled construction keeps beverages cooler longer
  • Holds 8-10 champagne/wine bottles
  • Functional as well as decorative
  • Mirror finish

Starting at only $20 for 1-2 day hire, it is great value for an essential part of any formal event.


Stainless steel beverage tub hire rates: 

Day/s hire 1-2 days 3-4 days 5-6 days days
Cost (per item) $20 $30 $40 $50

* 7+ days contact us for further discounted rate


If you are looking to hire equipment for your next event, submit an enquiry or online order by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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