22 Jul 2014
July 22, 2014

Birthday Party Hire Sydney

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Everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday. Don’t forget about birthday party hire Sydney. After all, it is a perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and have a big party. Now that all of the invitations have gone out, it is time to start planning how you are going to celebrate your birthday. Hiring the right equipment assures you can have the kind of party you and your guests will appreciate. It all starts with good chair hire with Budget Event Hire in Sydney and goes from there.

Set the Room with Chairs

As you are planning out where everything goes for the birthday party, make sure you have at least one chair hired for every guest. Enlisting the help of Budget Event Hire in Sydney means no one has to remain standing unless they choose to do so. It is always a good idea to plan for an extra 10 percent beyond what you have been guaranteed to show up. Some people may bring an extra guest with them, or you may have a late addition to your party. Planning for extra assures everyone will have a place to sit when eating, during activities, or just to socialize with the other guests at the party.

Tables Provide Multiple Uses

While planning out how many chairs are needed, do not neglect the need for table hire from Budget Event Hire in Sydney. Even if you are not serving food, tables are needed for a few things. Tables can be used for registering guests as they arrive or as a gift table for all of the presents. If you are serving food, tables can be used as food service stations for the buffet and for guests to eat at.

When paying for table hire, make sure you have at least one table for every 10 guests. If you are planning on using the table for other things, try to imagine how much space is required and hire tables according to the ways you are expecting to use them.

Give Your Guests Something to Drink

Most guests expect for drinks to be made available when attending a party. Whether you are planning on serving food or not, make sure to have an esky hired. These large plastic tubs are perfect to pile in soft drinks, beer and wine. They help keep everything cold for when you are ready to serve drinks to all your guests. Just make sure to ice everything down at least an hour before your guests show up so the drinks have a chance to chill.

In addition to being a great place to store canned and bottled beverages, you can also use an esky for fresh ice. Guests can scoop ice into a cup to keep their beverage cold as long as they want. These large containers can hold enough ice for everyone.

Thanks to everything from tables to esky to chair hire from Budget Event Hire in Sydney, it is possible to have the perfect birthday party. These suggestions can help you in planning perfect birthday parties.

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